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Pay It Forward

Wishing Tree By The Sea offers a “Pay It Forward Scheme” where a future drink or meal can be bought for anyone in need, for them to redeem at any time.


Can’t come to the café? Now, you can Pay It Forward online! Buy a drink or some food online, and we’ll put it up on the board for anyone to redeem! Just choose the Pay It Forward option at the bottom of your chosen food section.


Pay it Forward is about much more than buying someone a coffee. It promotes kindness and community; the drink may be claimed by anyone experiencing difficult circumstances or for someone who has shown you kindness and you think deserves a treat such as our Key Workers / Volunteers for all they have done during the lockdown. 


Pay it Forward – We do not judge, if someone asks then they are in need, no questions asked.

Wave Project


We are delighted to be working with the Wave project who are based in Dunbar at stunning  Belhaven Bay. They run award-winning surf therapy courses and weekly surf clubs for children and young people. 


The project makes a huge impact on young people's lives helping them with confidence, self-esteem & new experiences and is supported by a great team of Volunteers. 


We got involved through volunteering when we moved to Dunbar and have loved every minute making great friends along the way. 


We will be running fundraising events throughout the year and we have an optional online donate button that you can add to your order.

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